All items shipped out for delivery will have our Choccywoccydoodah red & black fragile tape on the box , this is a stipulation of the courier and cannot be changed .

Table reservation

Our Bar Du Chocolate cafe is run on a first come, first serve basis.

Weekends and school holidays are always busy for us and there is usually a queue for the Bar, we try our best to get everyone seated as soon as we can.  Weekdays are usually quieter.

We do have a limited number of tables that we can reserve , we only book a maximum of 7 days in advance. The times we book are Monday - Saturday 11.30 , 1pm , 2.30 , & 4pm and on Sunday we book 11am , 12.30 , 2pm & 3.30  

If you do arrive and the Bar is full the front of house team run a waiting list which you can pop your name down on and they will advise on how long the queue will be so you can either wait and browse the shop, or pop away and come back at your designated time  

Online orders for collection / delivery on weekends 

If you would like to collect your online order from either our Brighton or London store on a Saturday or Sunday , please select the Friday from the online calendar and we will hold your order instore for you to collect at your convenience , And for all orders for delivery at present we only deliver Monday to Friday      

Storage instructions & Shelf life of cakes & products  

Because all our cakes are coated in the finest Belgian chocolate they are best stored at room temperature , Please do not refridgerate or chill . If the cake is stored in a fridge or chiller the chocolate will bloom which means you will loose some of the flavour out of the chocolate , all our cakes have a 10 day shel life from the date they are baked

All of our products are made from the finest Belgian chocolate and will have a 12 month shelf life , Please store these at room temperature , Please do not refridgerate or chill the chocolate as this will bloom the chocolate and you will loose some of the flavour 

Gluten free cake

All our cakes are made with wheat and will contain gluten apart from our Sicilian lemon cake which is made with almond flour, please note that this is made in an environment where gluten is stored and handled so may contain trace  

Fair trade chocolate

Our chocolate is responsibly sourced and our supplier is openly accountable although not branded fair trade. Cocoa growers must pay to have their cocoa accredited fair trade. 

Diabetic chocolate

We do not make diabetic specific cakes or chocolate. But we do follow diabetes UK policy of recommending occasional and small portions of our usual recipes


We use non-edible glitter on our decorative embellishments, the non-edible glitter has no nutritional content so EU law dictates that it is classified as non-edible although it is completely non-toxic so if it is eaten at your choice then it will not be digested

Dog friendly

We shall look forward to seeing you on your visit, even though we all love dogs and have our own unfortunately we do not allow dogs in our shop or cafe unless they are seeing eye dogs or canine partners

Wheel chair access

Unfortunately, as our Brighton and London stores are in listed buildings there is only access to the upper floors via stairs, we do have ramps for both of our stores to access the shop floor. If you would like to eat or drink at our premises and have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us before hand and we shall set up a table downstairs whenever possible   

Booking a bespoke design consultation

We love creating 1 of a kind cakes and our bespoke work start from £450, if you would like to come in for a bespoke design consultation with one of our designers please feel free to call us on 01273 329 462 to book for Brighton or 0207 734 9713 to book for London and these are held every Thursday and Saturday. Alternatively, we can organise a telephone consultation for you at your convenience or why not start an email consultation with the lovely Philippa by emailing all your ideas to bespokebrighton@choccywoccydoodah.com


As much as we love creatingbeautiful works of art out of chocolate, unfortunately most things you see on television and in magazines etc is copyrighted so we would not be able to recreate, why not drop us an email to check

Private room hire

We have 4 dedicated areas that we hire out in 1 hour time slots and these cost £30 per person , the areas in Brighton are the Decadent cake garden for up to 6 people , and the Witches kitchen for up to 20 people. In London we have the Cake salon for up to 4 people and the Parlour for up to 10 people 

Charity request

As you can imagine we get asked for many donations and cannot help everyone – so we do have a list of charities that we support annually.

Gift vouchers

Our gift vouchers can be bought instore or online, these are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be used in both shops & bars or saved up to be used against larger items or room bookings

Hollow figures

All our products are homemade, handmade which does not involve machinery, at times we work with other chocolate companies at certain times of the year who have spinning machines to manufacture hollow figures. 

Our products are always made to our specifications, using our own special chocolate recipe. The moulds used are not unique to us, sadly. 

Products made within our own studio are always solid chocolate and our shop staff are always happy to point them out. These are made from unique moulds created by us