• Brighton Witches kitchen (Doodah)
  • Brighton Witches kitchen (Doodah)
  • Brighton Witches kitchen (Doodah)
  • Brighton Witches kitchen (Doodah)

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  • Brighton Witches kitchen (Doodah)
  • Brighton Witches kitchen (Doodah)
  • Brighton Witches kitchen (Doodah)
  • Brighton Witches kitchen (Doodah)

Brighton Witches kitchen


Located upstairs in the Brighton store , the Witches Kitchen is exactly that.

Formerly a fisherman's cottage in the 1700s, the witches lodgings can be easily seen through the ceiling. Her brooms, her stove and her story telling chair are all in the kitchen, with a large table upon which a chocolate feast is served.

Darkly Gothic, splendidly decadent.

This room can accommodate up to 20 people.

Upon arrival everyone will receive a champagne glass of freshly made strawberry champagne ice cream shake. The table will be laid with a platter of cake, tiffin and hand made chocolates. Bowls of strawberries, marshmallows, honeycomb and jelly babies (of course) will be on hand to be dunked into pots of molten chocolate. Buttons of chocolate will be on the table to be nibbled. You will be offered tea, coffee or French lemonade. When settled, the hot chocolate will arrive, for you to dip fluffy marshmallows and crispy Belgian biscuits into. Finally, as dessert, a giant ice cream sundae will arrive, with plenty of spoons to share.

If you can't finish everything, you will be provided with doggy bags.

Our private rooms are dedicated spaces available for 2 hours starting from £300 for 10 people. Each additional person will be charged at £30.

If the party is for a special occasion we can make a house style cake to mark the occasion to be taken away at the end of the party. These start from £35.

Individual table gifts can be organised and personalised, baby bath ducks for baby showers, or named hearts for place settings. These start at £10 each.

Signed books or signed aprons can also be ordered in advance as special gifts to remember the event by for £25.

If there are dietary issues or allergens that need to be taken into account, please discuss this at the point of booking, not on the day.

If you require a room for a corporate event, marketing, press or product launch, just let us know. An all day booking starts at £1500 and can be tailored.

We can also provide goody bags containing your company literature and promotion with some chocolatey treats.

Bespoke cakes can be designed specifically for product launches.

We can manage a private guest list and ensure the day goes smoothly with dedicated service.

And we will do our very best to make your event one to remember.

The rooms are not suitable for children. However, children are very welcome as family guests with their adult relatives or guardians.

Specific requests and additional orders will be charged at our normal rate on the day and not included in the overall charge for the room and chocolate feast.

Deliberate breakages and souvenir hunting will also be charged for, using the credit card details used to make the booking.

To check availability please call 01273 329 462 or alternatively you can email barbrighton@choccywoccydoodah.com