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The London Parlour


The London Parlour

Tucked away behind velvet curtains in the bar du chocolat is a private parlour for personal events.

£30 each. Min 5 people - Max 10 people , Payable when booking

There is enough room for up to 10 people to enjoy dedicated service for a full hour, tasting a little of everything we have available.

Drinks can be chosen from the menu and once served, dipping pots of molten chocolate with fruit, tiffins, brownies, honeycomb and marshmallows will be served.
Platters of cake will arrive, drizzled in molten chocolate, raspberry coulis and topped with icecream.

This will be £30 ahead and must be reserved in advance.

For more intimate experiences such as marriage proposals and small celebrations for up to 4 people, there is a private space in the cake salon, on the retail floor.

For larger groups please contact us to discuss

Please let us know what your event is so that we can acknowledge special guests and special events.

If there are dietary issues or allergy issues, please let us know at the time of booking.

Our intention is to help you create special memories, full of chocolate and cake.

Sadly we do not cater for children’s events, although children are welcome to attend family events, at normal cost.

To book The Parlour, or The Cake Salon, call 0207 240 3011.


Remember to bring your camera!